Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Looking for spiritually grounded leaders and organizations

I'm looking for spiritually grounded leaders and organization to learn from. Can you help me find them? I'd like to do interviews about leadership that draws on spirituality for guidance, nurturing the people in the organization, and transformation. Please leave me any tips in the comments or by email (michael@clarityfacilitation.com).

Here's one example that I've been inspired by:
There is a nonprofit organization in the Twin Cities, City House, that I've been loosely connected with for a few years. I got to know City House when they had a mission to provide spiritual companionship with people who are poor or on the margins of society in someway. In the past year, the leaders at City House have felt a call to shift their mission from simply serving the poor to one of mutuality--emphasizing that people on the margins have just as much to teach people in the mainstream. City House is continuing to provide spiritual companionship to people who are homeless, in recovery, and in transition in other ways--but now they also work with people in the mainstream of society to support their transformation as they learn from those who are on the margins. I was able to talk with Tom Allen, the Executive Director of City House, several times during this shift in mission. I saw in Tom a willingness to listen patiently for God's guidance, an ability to engage others in that discernment, and a willingness to take personal and financial risks to follow that vision.

This month I started participating in a leadership program that City House is offering called The Inner Leadership Journey, which is one expression of their new direction. I'm grateful for the faithfulness that led Tom and others to this point.

What leaders and organizations do you see as spiritually grounded? I welcome any tips!

Here's a video about City House, that I made a couple years ago: