Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Charles Simmons: Spirituality and Leadership

Charles is a friend of mine who is the chairperson of a group called Ex-Felons for Ex-Felons. The group is primarily made up of people who have formerly been incarcerated, and who have a commitment to helping other succeed in that transition. The group is supported by the Council on Crime and Justice, where Charles also works as a Building Manager. Charles has taught me a lot about surrender to God and about what empowering leadership can look like.

  • 0:10 Just remember that God is ultimately in control of everything.
  • 1:30 I had a guy that came in and said, "I remember you and your brothers. You had the Northside locked up."
  • 4:20 God is refining you to be what he wants you to be.
  • 4:50 It brought me a closer, inner peace with Him in prison.
  • 5:50 I think that in any atmosphere, there are good and evil spirits. You can fall into it, or let them control you ... as far as that prison atmosphere... God is in the midst of everything.
  • 9:00 I can relate to this person who just came out of the institution because I've been in that institution... I walked on those same paths you walked.
  • 11:25 I don't go out with the intention that I've got to go change somebody today.
  • 13:20 Pray over the atmosphere that you are in...Let the Spirit reveal what you need, and bring that to your work environment.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Kay Pranis: Spirituality and Leadership

This week I met with Kay Pranis, a leader, trainer, and author in the Restorative Justice field. Kay has inspired me and many others for several years. I was happy for the chance to ask her how she thinks about leadership, spirituality, and transformation that changes institutions. Here is an excerpt from the interview:

This shift is so big... in all of our institutions

Encouraging examples: