Saturday, December 5, 2009

Stories of Faith and Organizational Life: Audio

I'm grateful for the many people who helped make the December 3rd event about Stories of Faith and Organizational Life happen. I'm happy to share these audio files from the night with you. Click twice on the play buttons to listen to the audio files.

The evening set out to explore the tensions between one's faith journey and the pressures of organizational leadership. We looked at how these tensions change us as individuals, and we also looked at how these tensions change organizations.

Welcome from Michael Bischoff (Clarity Facilitation) and Kyle Smith (President and CEO, Reell Precision Manufacturing)

"Thinking Institutionally, Thinking Theologically"
Michael J. Naughton
is the Moss Chair in Catholic Social Thought at the University of St. Thomas and the director of the John A. Ryan Center for Catholic Social Thought. He also serves on the board of directors for Reell Precision Manufacturing and Seeing Things Whole.

The panel, speaking about the topic from their own experience:

Patty Diamond worked for many years helping to develop and manage family attractions--venues where families come for entertainment, shopping, and dining. Her developments included the LEGO Center at the Mall of America. Patty’s first position in the field was at the MN Children's Museum, after managing Creative Kidstuff toy stores. She originally planned and studied to be a rabbi. But with two kids to raise on her own, she needed to get to work fast. Patty decided her work better be something interesting that she enjoyed, and it certainly was that. Patty also got an MBA along the way. Eventually Patty turned to teaching business ethics to adult MBA students at St Thomas. She now teaches Philosophy and Ethics to students at North Hennepin Community College.

Damon Drake is a community-oriented professional with a passion for building and nurturing relationships between the community and community organizations. He is currently the Community Connections Manager at St. Paul Youth Services. Damon has been a staff member with many community agencies, including Workforce Solutions, the Aurora/St. Anthony Neighborhood Development Corporation, Hired, and Bevans and Associates. Damon is very active as a community volunteer—currently serving with the Juvenile Justice Reform Coalition, the Guardian Project, and as an Islamic Advisor for the Stillwater and Oak Park Heights prisons. Damon was also formerly the Outreach Director with the Council on American Islamic Relations. He is also a U.S. Army Veteran, husband and father.

Lori Tapani, along with her sister, Traci, is a Co-President at Wyoming Machine, Inc. Wyoming Machine is a woman-owned family business that operates with 55 employees at their plant in Stacy, MN. Their clients represent the cross-section of metal fabrication requirements—from medical equipment to heavy machinery manufacturers.

John Wheeler was General Manager of Mall of America for 18 years. He is currently Director of Business Incubators for Neighborhood Development Center, a St. Paul-based non-profit.

Jim Emrich is the Chair of the Board of Directors for Seeing Things Whole, the group that organized this event. Jim gave an overview of Seeing Things Whole's work.

.Kate Moos, the Managing Producer of the radio show, Speaking of Faith, also wrote this blog post about the event.