Monday, February 16, 2009

Jin Kim: Anxiety is Empire

This is a clip from a talk that Jin Kim gave this past weekend at a conference I participated in. The conference was called "The Common Root 2009: Creating our future in the shadow of Empire," and Jin's talk was called "Revisioning the Beloved Community in the Age of Obama."

With most institutions I know about, anxiety is a large part of the overall spirit of those institutions. In this clip, Jin talks about the role he sees anxiety playing in the U.S. Empire, and how his church addresses that. Jin's full talk, and several others from the conference are available online.


Unknown said...

I've been experimenting lately with "Gratitude is Earth Community" (to borrow David Korton's framework for talking about empire vs. earth community). I always feel challenged to go deeper and think just how powerful and radical it is to cultivate then have enough, are enough, and are free.

Harriet J. Mall, Ph.D. said...

When we are in coherence with of our mind and core, whatever is our intention, "hold the field for the highest intentions" Gather with every one of us, engaged in the same and we will continue to produce the energy. Embrace and shine the sacred and the divine that resides in all. Practice this as much as possible in whatever we do, wherever we go. Practice this in all our interactions with ourselves and others and all things. Forgive yourself when you forget and practice gratitude for knowing!