Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Quiz: What is the Spiritual Character of Your Organization?

Think of an organization that you are a part of (workplace, church, school, etc.) and answer these 10 questions with that organization in mind. The results of the quiz will then show you if your organization is more like a geyser, the Badlands, Mt. Rainer, the San Juan Islands, or the Corn Palace.


After you take the quiz:
Here are the descriptions of each type of organization. Read them all and decide which one fits best.


Rohini said...

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I just answered the quiz too, find it to be interesting!

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Michael Bischoff said...

I think that this very unscientific quiz can point to both characteristics about the organization someone has in mind, and also point to the lens that the person taking the quiz has for seeing that organization. So, if you took the quiz, extra questions to ask yourself are:

* How is my perception of the organization shaped by my own unique perspective?
* How do I contribute to the reality that I see in the organization?
* How might other people see the same organization?

Rohini said...

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