Thursday, May 20, 2010

Free Hour of Consultation: Assessing the spirit of your organization & leadership

A special offer for organizations in the Twin Cities who are helping build healthy and just communities

Free Hour of Consultation: Assessing the spirit of your organization & leadership

Does your organization have a shared vision for where you are headed? Could you be more effective in carrying out that vision and learning as you go? Are there processes that could help develop more clarity, consensus, and commitment among people connected with your organization?

Contact Michael at or 612-234-1122 to set up a time to meet.

To give you a sample of what this consultation might look like, I'm also including a video clip of a recent consultation I did with George W. Bush and Barack Obama. FYI, the conversation with Bush and Obama was more personal and playful than most consultations I do.


Tom Allen said...

Hi Michael,

Wow, you set yourself a very high bar here. George Bush and Barak Obama!! Very funny and very helpful in showing what a collaborative process might look like. I love the creative way in which you engage the world about that which you are passionate. Nicley done!!

Unknown said...

This video is a wonderful affirmation of the power of dance to me. I know and have experienced that dancing together with intention can also bring forth discernment, creativity, and transformation. If you need help coming up with the dancing aspect of your consultations let me know.

Michael Bischoff said...

Emily: Yes, I think I know subconsciously how essential dance and movement can be to transformation. Both in this video, and the last one with the kids, movement has been the turning point. I'd like to pay more attention to that in the rest of my life. I'm happy that I have you to learn from in this area!

Tom: From my perspective, George and Barack aren't nearly as interesting as the work and relationships that you and City House invite us to.